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Using Digital Twins for Development & Diagnostics

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Using Digital Twins for Development & Diagnostics

A digital twin is a virtual representation of your product, and the perfect companion for diagnostics, maintenance, and product innovation. Because model-based digital twins do not require physical performance data to predict behavior, they can be used for a greater range of engineering tasks. 

In this webinar, you’ll go beyond the basics of digital twins and learn about two important tasks that benefit from their usage:

  • Conceptual Development: Very early experimentation with design concepts in a dynamic model provides powerful insight and allows engineers to make more informed design decisions.
  • Online Diagnostics: Running the digital twin in parallel with the real machine can provide valuable insight into where a problem might arise as the machine’s response drifts from the model as it ages.

At Maplesoft, we’ve worked with leaders in the machine design market to develop new products that benefit from a digital twin-based approach. Join this webinar to gain a solid grasp of digital twin techniques that you could implement within your development process.
Language: English
Duration: 22 Minutes
Related Terms: Digital Twin, Virtual-commissioning, Development

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