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Unlocking Commercial Knowledge with MapleSim

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Unlocking Commercial Knowledge with MapleSim

System-level modeling is an extremely effective approach for engineering design projects that can help you reduce development time, uncover problems early in the development cycle, and improve overall designs. However, not every company that adopts system level modeling succeeds in achieving these benefits, because they find it too difficult to translate their engineering expertise into their system-leveling modeling tool. With MapleSim, you get an environment that helps you capture, preserve, and leverage your engineering knowledge in your system-level modeling projects, so you can truly reap the rewards of system-level modeling and simulation and create better products, faster.

At Maplesoft, we’ve worked with many companies who may already be familiar with system-level modeling, but are still struggling to make the most of the powerful design knowledge they’re creating. In this webinar, you’ll learn how a system-level model can significantly reduce the risk of innovative designs, and see how MapleSim helps ensure that valuable design knowledge is accessible across an organization.
Language: English
Duration: 19 Minutes
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