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Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple

The post-calculus mathematical concepts and skills needed by the scientist or engineer are often learned piecemeal in a variety of courses scattered throughout various academic departments. Sometimes, a single course or sequence of courses called "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" contains this material. But typically, the technology used to capture this material is just pencil and paper. 

In this webinar, Dr. Robert Lopez will present a unified Maple-based approach to the topics that comprise the typical "Advanced Engineering Mathematics" text. By means of concrete examples, we will demonstrate how using Maple changes the dynamics of teaching, learning, and doing the relevant calculations in areas such as:
  • Laplace transforms and convolutions
  • Fourier series and the periodically driven damped oscillator
  • Lagrange multipliers
  • Heat transfer in a rod with time-dependent endpoint temperatures
  • Approximate analytic solutions of a BVP
  • The compound plane pendulum

Language: English
Duration: 54 Minutes
Related Terms: Engineering, Advanced, Laplace-transform, Laplace, Convolution, Fourier-series, Oscillator, Lagrange, Lagrange-multipliers, Lagrangemultipliers, Heat, Vibration, Eigenvalue, Pendulum

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