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Modify the Appearance of Two-Dimensional Plots


When you create a two-dimensional plot, Maple uses default values for a variety of attributes that control the appearance of the plot. You can customize the plot object or individual curves in the plot by changing the settings for these attributes.


For more information about modifying a 2-D plot, click one of the following hyperlinks.


Add or Edit the Title


Change Axes Style


Change Color


Change Curve Style


Change Line Style


Change Line Width


Change Symbols


Change the Range of Axis


Change Transparency


Display or Edit a Legend


The plot and drawing toolbars and the Context Panel can also be used to change the appearance of a plot.


Many of the attributes that are set using menus or toolbars are remembered when you execute the plot command again. See plot attributes for more information.


To customize a two-dimensional plot from the Maple command line, see plot[options].

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