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Zooming Into and Out From a 3-D Model

Within the 3-D workspace, in the perspective view and all of the orthographic views, you can zoom into and out from a 3-D model relative to the position of the mouse cursor, when an animation is playing or static. When zooming with the mouse, the 3-D location under the mouse pointer remains in place, allowing you to zoom in on that location.

Zooming moves the camera forward or back to effectively make the view larger or smaller. In perspective views, zoom is most responsive when used with the mouse wheel. In this case the location under the mouse cursor remains fixed in the 3-D visualization area, allowing you to zoom in on what is under the cursor.

The speed at which zoom operations proceed depends on whether there is a scene object under the mouse cursor or not. If there is an object under the mouse cursor when you zoom in, the speed of zoom will be reduced so that you can approach the object without popping through it.  If there is not an object under the mouse cursor, zoom operations will proceed more quickly, allowing you to fly through the scene.

To zoom into and out from a 3-D model, do one of the following:


 Hover your mouse pointer anywhere in the 3-D workspace and rotate your mouse wheel forwards or backwards.


 Hold the Alt key and drag your mouse pointer in the 3-D workspace.

Alternatively, you can switch to the zooming mode by clicking Zoom ( ) in the camera navigation menu. This mode allows you to zoom in on and out from your 3-D model by dragging your mouse without holding the Alt key.

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