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Pruning a Model

The Prune Model tool removes any unreferenced subsystems or custom components in your model.

In the process of developing your model, you may have made a number of modifications to the design of the model.  You can sometimes end up with leftover subsystems that are no longer required in the model.  This tool automatically identifies and deletes any shared subsystems or custom components that appear in the  Components palette of the Local Components tab ( ) but are not used in the model workspace.

To run the Prune Model tool:


From the Edit menu, select Prune Model.



This is an optional step.


A model with unreferenced subsystems can still simulate.  For a way to check for construction errors, see Using Diagnostics.


The Prune Model tool checks for any shared subsystems or custom components that are not referenced directly at the top level or indirectly through another subsystem.  It does not remove subsystems that are used in the model.


The Prune Model tool does not remove subsystems or components that are present in the Hierarchy.

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