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Hydraulics Library Overview


The MapleSim Hydraulics library contains components to model hydraulic systems.

Every hydraulic system must have a Hydraulic Properties record, which defines the properties of the selected fluid and sets common options, either at the same or higher level in the model hierarchy.

Reference Components - Hydraulic fluid and atmospheric pressure

Accumulators - Components to store and release hydraulic fluid

Chambers - Components to model compressible fluids and compliant walls

Directional Control Valves - Directional control valves

Linear Actuators - Hydraulic pistons

Restrictions - Pipes, orifices, and a plug

Rotary Actuators - Motors and pumps

Sensors - Hydraulic sensors

Sources - Pressure and flow sources

Valves - Valves of various types: check, relief, shuttle, spool

Valve Forces - Valve forces

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