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Change Shading


Maple provides several choices for shading 3-D plots.


Shading Schemes

Change an Individual Shading Scheme

Shading Schemes


XY varies the color as a function in terms of the X and the Y axes.


XYZ varies the color along all three axes.


Z varies the color from blue to red as a function of the Z axis.


Z (Hue) varies the color through the entire spectrum as a function of the Z axis.


Z (Grayscale) varies as a function of the Z axis.


Default Coloring displays the XYZ shading scheme.


No Coloring displays the surface in black and white. No shading is present.

Change an Individual Shading Scheme


Click the plot to select it.


From the Plot menu, select Color. Alternatively, use the context-sensitive options in the Context Panel.


Select a shading.


Alternatively, use the shading option in the plot3d command.

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