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Use the Expression and Calculus Palettes

The expression palette contains buttons for constructing expressions such as products, exponents, subscripts, and piecewise functions.

Similarly, the calculus palette contains buttons for constructing expressions such as limits, derivatives and integrals.

To use the Expression or Calculus palette:


Display the Expression (or Calculus) palette. See Show Palettes.


In the worksheet, click where the expression is to be inserted.


On the palette, select the template for the expression you want to enter.


Fill in the first placeholder by entering a number, a symbol, or an expression.


Press the Tab key to move the cursor to the next placeholder. Important: Ensure that your Tab key is set to move to the next placeholder and not indent. For details, see Using the Tab Key.


Continue filling all placeholders that apply to your expression.


When all of the relevant placeholders have been filled, press the Enter key.

Augmenting versus Replacing Expression Items


If you select an expression item and click an item on the expression palette, then Maple either replaces the original selection or builds on it.


For example, enter the following expression.






Select the entire expression and click the exponent button on the expression palette.






The brackets are inserted along with a placeholder for the exponent.



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