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The Student[MultivariateCalculus] package is designed to aid in the teaching and understanding of multivariate calculus concepts.  This worksheet demonstrates the basics of this functionality.  For more information about the commands in the MultivariateCalculus package, see the command help page.  For a general overview, see MultivariateCalculus.

Getting Started

Commands in the MultivariateCalculus package can be referred to using the long form, for example, Student[MultivariateCalculus][ApproximateInt].

 However, it is recommended that you load the package first and use the shorter command names.



The MultivariateCalculus package contains tutor routines that act as interfaces to the other MultivariateCalculus routines.  Each tutor can be called with no parameters, in which case defaults are used.  These parameters can be changed easily in the Maplet application.


The following examples show you how to use the MultivariateCalculus routines.