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Component Library Overview

The component library contains hundreds of components that you can use to build models. It also contains sample models that you can view and simulate. To view the available components, expand the palettes in the Library Components tab ( ) on the left side of your window.

Modeling components are organized in sub-libraries according to their respective domains:



1-D Mechanical

Components to model 1-D translational and rotational systems.


Components to model electrical analog circuits, single-phase and multiphase systems, and machines.


Components to model hydraulic systems, fluid power systems, cylinders and actuators.


Components to model magnetic circuits.

Multibody Mechanical

Components, including force, motion, and joint components, to model multibody mechanical systems.


Components to model Ideal pneumatic systems with cylinders, directional control valves, orifices, and actuators.

Signal Blocks

Components to manipulate or generate input and output signals.


Components to model heat flow and heat transfer.

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