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Personal Grid Server


You can use this document to start a Grid Server on your local machine, simulating any number of nodes.
This allows you to test your parallel code before deploying it to a compute cluster.


You need to set the default port to the start of a range of ports that are available on your system. You will need one available port per node that you are simulating.


The default broadcast mask will ensure that no invitations to join the grid will be sent beyond your local machine. The broadcast port should be different from the port used by your grid to avoid that this machine accepts invitations to join a larger grid.


The default settings are reasonable on most systems.







Nodes         :  

Default port  :  

Broadcast     :

Broadcast port:


Status: Total Avail. 



To see a snapshot of the logfile use the Display Log button.
This view is not refreshed automatically.



The simplest way to run a parallel job on this server is to use the Interactive Worksheet.


 Click here for documentation on the Grid library functions

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