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Change the Range of an Axis

Plots have default ranges assigned. You can change their default settings to view parts of the plot in finer detail by changing the range of the visible portion.


Axis Properties

Note on Standard Plots and Smart Plots

Axis Properties

To change the range of an axis on a 2-D or 3-D plot:


Click the plot to select it, and from the Plot menu, select Axes. Alternatively, select the plot to activate the context-sensitive options in the Context Panel.


From the Axes submenu, select Properties. The Axis Properties dialog appears.


Enter a minimum or maximum range for each axis.


Click OK.

Note on Standard Plots and Smart Plots


For standard plots, you can specify the range in the plot or the plot3d command. For more information, see plot[range].


For smart plots, when you change the range of the axes, the plot is recalculated for the new range.  This is also true when the range and axes are changed using Pan or Scale. For more information, see panscale.

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