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VB OpenMaple Code Examples



To use the VB OpenMaple code and examples shown in these help pages you must first add the extern/include/maple.bas file to your project. See your Maple installation for the file.


The maple.bas module is designed to work with Visual Basic 6.0. It will not work with VB7 (or VB.NET), primarily because the Long datatype is 32-bits in VB 6, and 64-bits in VB 7.  Long is used as the Maple Object data-type (which is a 32-bit pointer).


Most examples refer to a variable kv, usually as a parameter to a sample subroutine.  This variable is assumed to be assigned the value returned by StartMaple. To refer to kv from callbacks, this variable must be made global.


VB often does not release the Maple dll when it is interrupted during a computation.  When working on a project in the VB IDE, Maple might not be in a recoverable state suitable for restarting after an arbitrary stoppage. This can lead to occasional crashes, which are not reproducible after restarting the IDE.


There is additional source code for more complicated examples in the samples directory of your Maple installation.

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