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Export as Maple T.A.


Export a worksheet as an Maple T.A. zip file for loading into Maple T.A.


Open the worksheet to export.


From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens.


Select Maple T.A. (zip) as a file type.


Specify a location for the file and enter a filename.


Click Save. The Maple T.A. Options dialog opens with the name Maple TA Module displayed. Enter a new name (optional).


If your questions use a specific library file, enter the directory and name of this file. You can click Browse to locate this file.


Click OK.


Worksheets exported as Maple T.A. zip files contain 3 .xml files: your questions, assignments, and a manifest. The manifest is used by Maple T.A. to determine where to place the contents of the module zip file. Also, any library files are stored in the main directory of the course module. You do not need to specify directories to access the routines in your library.


When you load this zip file into Maple T.A., the assignment is loaded as a practice assignment. You can add other options to your assignment or change the assignment type altogether. If the assignment has Maple-graded questions, you may want to change the question type from Maple-syntax to Formula.


Important: In order to import content from Maple T.A. into Maple, see MapleTA,Import. If you edit an exported course module in Maple T.A., you may not be able to view the updated questions in Maple.

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