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New Visualizations

Easier Plotting of Data Sets

Shading Between Two Curves

Required Arguments are Now Optional for plot and plot3d commands

Additional Color and Style Options

New Visualizations

Iterative Maps

Group Theory


Polyhedral Sets

Data Plots


Easier Plotting of Data Sets

The new dataplot command unifies many common visualizations for data in one convenient command.

dataplot1,3,5,7, colorscheme=Blue,Red,Orange

dataplot1,3,5,7, 'bar',color=Purple

dataplot1,3,5,7, 'histogram',color=Grey

dataplot1,3,5,7, 'box'


For more details, see the dataplot updates page.

Shading Between Two Curves

There is a new plots:-shadebetween command for shading the area between two curves or two surfaces f and g. There are options for shading only the parts where f>g or g>f, and for controlling the color and other features of these parts.

restart: withplots:

shadebetweenx2+1, x2, x=2..2, color=Blue;



shadebetweensinx*cosy, sinx*cosy2, x=0..Pi, y=0..Pi, color=Blue, changefill=color=LightGreen;

Required Arguments are Now Optional for plot and plot3d commands

Default Ranges in 3-D plots

Ranges can now be omitted when using the plot3d command to generate a 3-D plot. This behavior is similar to that of the plot command for generating 2-D plots. Default ranges of -10..10 are used when the range arguments are not provided. If a trigonometric function is detected in the first argument, then a default of -2*Pi..2*Pi is used instead.


plot3dx*y, y=0..1;

Generating Empty Plots

Not only are the ranges optional in a call to the plot or plot3d command, but so is the function to be plotted. If this argument is an empty list or is omitted altogether, then an empty plot is produced. If ranges are added, then they are used for the plot view. If additional options are provided, then they are applied.


plotx=0..2π, axes=boxed;

plot3dtitle=An empty plot;

Additional Color and Style Options

The style=pointline Option

There is a new pointline style for curves which displays the points making up the curve as well as the lines that connect them. It is a combination of the style=point and style=line options. See the plot/option and plot3d/option help pages for more information about the style option. The style=pointline option can also be used with surfaces. 

plotsin2x, 'style' = pointline

plots:-spacecurve seq10*cosr/3,10*sinr/3,r/3,r=0..24, style=pointline, symbol=solidcircle, symbolsize=25, color=Teal

plot3dx*y, grid=10,10, color=Black, style=pointline

The colorscheme option

The colorscheme option, available for surfaces and collections of points in earlier versions of Maple, is now available for curves. Additionally, you can now use any of the color spaces available in the ColorTools package.

plotx*sinx, x*cosx, x=0..8*Pi, colorscheme=Blue, Magenta, thickness=3;

plotx*sinx, x*cosx, x=0..8*Pi, colorscheme=linear, Blue, Magenta, colorspace=Lab, thickness=3;

plots:-spacecurve cost, sint, t, t=0..4Pi, thickness=5, colorscheme=Teal, Purple