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List of Tables

Table 1.1: Common Keystrokes for Entering Symbols and Formats

Table 1.2: Maple Toolbar Options

Table 1.3: Context Bar Tools

Table 1.4: Context Selector Options

Table 1.5: Text Mode vs. Math Mode

Table 1.6: Palette Categories

Table 1.7: Managing Palettes

Table 1.8: Complex Numbers using I

Table 1.9: Complex Numbers using i

Table 1.10: Help Page Icons

Table 3.1: Top Commands

Table 3.2: Top Packages

Table 4.1: Select Integer Commands

Table 4.2: Modular Arithmetic Operators

Table 4.3: Overview of Solution Methods for Important Equation Types

Table 4.4: Sample Dimensions

Table 4.5: Scientific Constants

Table 4.6: Restricting to Real Numbers

Table 5.1: Polynomial Arithmetic Operators

Table 5.2: Polynomial Coefficient and Degree Commands

Table 5.3: Select Other Polynomial Commands

Table 5.4: Additional Polynomial Help

Table 5.5: Matrix and Vector Arithmetic Operators

Table 5.6: Select Matrix and Vector Operators

Table 5.7: Select LinearAlgebra Package Commands

Table 5.8: Limits

Table 5.9: Optimization Package Commands

Table 5.10: Student and Instructor Resources

Table 6.1: The plot and plot3d Commands

Table 6.2: Common Plot Options

Table 6.3: Plot Context Bar Analysis Options

Table 6.4: The animate Command

Table 6.5: Animation Options

Table 9.1: Default Clause Values

Table 9.2: Iterative Commands

Table 9.3: The seq Command

Table 9.4: The add and mul Commands

Table 9.5: The select, remove, and selectremove Commands

Table 9.6: The map Command

Table 9.7: The zip Command

Table 10.1: Embedded Component Descriptions

Table 11.1: Summary of Content Translation When Exporting to Different Formats