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Interactive Components

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You can develop applications that use interactive components, such as sliders, buttons, check boxes and more; these are found in the Components palette on the left-hand side of the interface. Scripting their action involves simple programming techniques.


Applications that employ components do not need to expose any code; users can simply change parameters and view updated results, without seeing the underlying math and programming.


You can deploy these applications free to the desktop or web.


The application below, for example, calculates the economic pipe diameter, given a number of process parameters




Economic Pipe Size


Pipe Material        

Flow rate (ft3 s-1)

Density (lb ft-3)

Viscosity (cp)



Diameter (in)

Fluid velocity (ft s-1)


Reference: "Updating the Rules for Pipe Sizing", Durand et al., Chemical Engineering, January 2010


To learn how to create interactive applications, read this tutorial.


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