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Live Data Plots Palette

The Live Data Plots palette makes it easy to create and customize statistical plots, including area charts, histograms, pie charts, and scatter plots.

From the Live Data Plots palette, click a plot type to insert this palette item into your document.  Replace the placeholder with your dataset.  Customize the plot by clicking on options. If the Live Data Plots palette is not visible, right-click (Control-click, Mac) the palettes pane, and select Show Palette > Live Data Plots.

For more information on palettes, see Overview of Palettes.


Easy-To-Use Task Templates

Change an Option with a Click of the Mouse

Easy-To-Use Task Templates

Clicking on any of the items in the Live Data Plots palettes inserts a task template that lets you create a customized statistical plot. You simply replace the placeholder with your own dataset. Both the plot and the plotting command are displayed, and either can be copied into other parts of your worksheet.

Change an Option with a Click of the Mouse

Each task template provides a table of options relevant to the plot. Change the color or plot style by simply clicking on the icon for that option.

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