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Advanced Code Editor


Maple 17 features a completely new editor for writing Maple code.   The editor includes many features to make it easier to write, read, and debug Maple code, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, command completion, and automatic indenting. The new editor is available for managing startup code, inline code edit regions, and code attached to embedded components. 

Features of the new code editor include:


Syntax Highlighting:  Maple keywords and operators are colored, making it easier to spot typographical errors and identify code blocks.


Bracket Matching:  Typing a new bracket character or positioning the cursor next to an existing one produces a visual highlight on its counterpart, simplifying the process of creating and understanding your code.


Quote Matching:  Mismatched or missing single-, double-, and back-quote characters are highlighted.


Automatic Indentation:  After entering the first line of a new module, procedure, or if/then statement, subsequent lines are automatically indented.


Command Completion:  Write code faster by keying in the first few letters of a Maple function and using command completion to finish the function.


Error Checking:  Code is checked for errors continuously as you type, making it easier to find problems quickly.


Import/Export:  Easily import code from .mpl or other text formats directly into your code editor, or export the contents of a code editor to a text file.


All of the features of the advanced code editor are built into three different areas in Maple:

i. Startup Code Editor

To open the startup code editor for Maple worksheets, either click Edit > Startup Code or click the 'Edit Startup Code' toolbar button:  

You can also access the startup code editor using the following new shortcut keys:

Windows & Linux: SHIFT + CTRL + E



For more information, see editing startup code.

ii. Code Edit Region

To insert a code edit region into your worksheet, click Insert > Code Edit Region  or click the 'Insert Code Edit Region' toolbar button:

Example: Code Edit Region


For more information, see: Code Edit Region

iii. Embedded Components

You can modify the code for embedded components by right clicking on a component, then choosing the desired edit action.


For more information, see: Embedded Components


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