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Worksheet Toolbar

The toolbar is the area of the Maple window that contains icons for performing common tasks. The toolbar can be visible or hidden.


From the View menu, select Toolbar. If there is a check mark next to Toolbar in the menu, then the toolbar is visible.


The following is a list of the icons on the worksheet toolbar.

Create a new Maple document.

Open an existing document or worksheet.

Save the active document or worksheet.

Print the active document or worksheet.

Print preview the active document or worksheet. (Not included in Macintosh operating systems.)

Cut the selection to the clipboard.

Copy the selection to the clipboard.

Paste the clipboard contents into the current document or worksheet.

Undo the last operation. Applying Undo after an execution removes the output from the worksheet but does not change the state of the kernel.

Redo the last operation.

Insert Code Edit Region.

Insert plain text after the current execution group.

Insert a Maple prompt after the current execution group.

Enclose the current selection in a document block, or create a new document block.

Enclose the selection in a subsection.

Remove one level of subsection enclosing the selection.

Move backward to previous document in the hyperlink history.

Return to the Start page.

Move forward to next document in the hyperlink history.

Execute the entire worksheet.

Execute all selected groups.

Interrupt the current operation.

Debug the current operation.

Restart the Maple server.

Create new startup code to be executed each time the current Maple document is opened. This icon appears if the current worksheet has no startup code.

Edit existing startup code to be executed each time the current Maple document is opened. This icon appears if the current worksheet has startup code, has a User Profile with Maple code, or both.

Zoom in : increase magnification by 25% (the default is 100%).

Zoom out : decrease magnification by 25% (the default is 100%).

Set the zoom magnification to 100%.

Open the Maple Help system.

Search the Maple help system, the MapleCloud, and the Quandl numerical data search engine. Use this for instant access to tutors and assistants.

Access the MapleCloud.
From the MapleCloud icon, you can access the Cloud Settings ( ) submenu where you can manage your MapleCloud connection.

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