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The updtsrc File Converter


Calling Sequence


Calling Sequence


updtsrc infile

updtsrc infile outfile

updtsrc -h

updtsrc -l


updtsrcX infile

updtsrcX infile outfile


updtsrcX -l



There are no incompatibilities between Maple releases after and including Maple 6. Therefore, an update source utility is not required for this release. For help porting code files from Maple releases prior to Maple 6, download the Update Source Program from


If called with no arguments, updtsrc reads from standard input, and writes to standard output. If called with one argument, it reads from the specified file and writes to standard output. If two arguments are specified, it reads from the first specified file and writes to the second. The two file names can be the same, in which case the update is done in-place.


Refer to updtsrc.txt for more information about how to use updtsrc on your specific platform.


The -h option displays a short usage message for updtsrc.


The -l option causes updtsrc to display a comprehensive list of all the things it looks for and changes or warns about.


The updtsrc utility makes two kinds of changes to the source being updated:


Things that can be updated with no user intervention and no danger of changing the semantics are actually modified. For such changes, a message is printed to the standard error output indicating that the change was made.


Things that may need to be updated, but that updtsrc cannot reliably determine that they need to be updated, or cannot reliably determine what change to make, simply generate a warning. The warning is displayed on the standard error output, and is also inserted into the output source in the form of a Maple comment beginning with "### WARNING". Such comments will generally describe the offending construct, and suggest which help page to look at for a description of the new or changed functionality.


The updtsrc utility does not work on Maple worksheets (.mws files).

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