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insert a text or .mws or .mw file into a help database


Calling Sequence




Calling Sequence

makehelp(topic, file)

makehelp(topic, file, library)

makehelp(topic, file, library, options)




topic of the help file to be created



name of the text or .mws or .mw file to be used



library in which the help file is to be stored



optional arguments of the form keyword=value



The makehelp command reads a file, assumed to contain help for the specified topic, and either displays it using the help viewer, or adds it to a library help database.  The file can be either a Maple worksheet or flat text.


The topic can be of the form `name`, or `name1/name2`. Filenames should match the conventions for your system. Note that filename characters that are special to Maple (such as the backslash character itself) must be preceded by a backslash when entering the string in Maple. (For example, "c:\\mydir\\myfile.txt".)


If a third argument is specified, the makehelp command saves the resulting help page in the specified library help database.


If the optional argument aliases=A is specified, where A is a list of strings and names, then these are added to the help database as aliases for the topic.


If the optional argument browser=B is specified, where B is a list of strings and names, then these are added to the help database as table-of-contents entries for the topic.


Like the topic, an alias or a table-of-contents entry can be of the form `name` or `name1/name2`.


The makehelp command displays the created help page using the help viewer (unless the call to makehelp was terminated with a colon).

Note: The examples shown below do not work unless you have the files used in the makehelp commands.


Create a help file for topic mypkg/myfunc. The text of the help file is currently in myfunc.txt. Store the resulting help/mypkg/text/myfunc object in library mylib.


Or you can use .mws files to create a help file.


The following example assumes you want to replace the Maple help file for diff with your own help file. In order for this example to work, you must have placed your own library directory as the first component of libname, ahead of the Maple library.  Your library directory must exist and be writable for the example to work.

makehelpdiff,newdiff.txt,libname[1],aliases=Diff,differentiate,differentiation,derivative,browser=Mathematics/Calculus/Differential Calculus/Diff,Mathematics/Calculus/Differential Calculus/diff,Mathematics/Inert Functions/Diff:

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