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Overview of Embedded Components


Embedded Components are simple graphical interface components that you embed into a worksheet or document.  Some of these components are then associated with actions, which you specify, when the component is selected or altered.  For example, the value of a Slider component can be set to a worksheet variable.  Other components display information set by component properties or other embedded components.  For example, the embedded Label component displays a label caption.


To display the result of an action, one additional embedded component is required.


Using the DocumentTools package, you can pass information between components, as well as store and retrieve information from embedded components.  In particular, the DocumentTools[Do] command provides an easy way to specify operations for embedded components.


Embedded Components are inserted using the Components palette and are only available in the Standard interface.


The following is a list of available components.


Check Box

Combo Box

Data Table



List Box

Math Expression




Radio Button

Rotary Gauge




Text Area

Toggle Button


Volume Gauge


Tables are not embedded components (they are not inserted from the Components palette), but you can interact with some of a table's properties using the DocumentTools package.  For general informaton on tables, see Overview of Tables.  For information onways in which tables act like components, see Table Properties using DocumentTools.


The help pages for the components include examples demonstrating how to use the embedded components to create an interactive document.  For more examples, see the Dynamic Applications tutorial in the Maple Portal.


Building an Interactive Number Line

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