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Switching from Perspective Mode to Orthographic Mode

Models can be projected in one of the following modes:

Perspective Mode  : This mode adds depth to the rendering of your assembly by projecting the assembly from a single vanishing point, but the geometrical relationships between some parts of your assembly may be distorted. For example, parallel lines may not appear to be parallel.

Orthographic Mode  : This mode gives a geometrically accurate rendering (that is, parallel lines appear parallel), but does not display any depth.


To toggle the camera mode between perspective and orthographic modes, do any of the following:


From the toolbar, select Toggle Camera Type to switch between the two modes:


Perspective ( )


Orthographic ( )


Right-click on an empty area of the CAD Workspace, and then select Perspective Camera to enable this camera mode, or clear the check box beside Perspective Camera to enable orthographic mode.


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