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MapleSim Hydraulics Library® from Modelon

Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulics Systems

Maplesoft has formed a technology partnership with Modelon, a renowned developer of high-quality Modelica libraries, to provide industry-tested hydraulics components within the system-level modeling environment of MapleSim. With the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon, you can seamlessly incorporate advanced hydraulics components into your MapleSim models while continuing to take full advantage of all the modeling, analysis, and simulation abilities of MapleSim.

See the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon Tutorial

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  • Seamlessly combine hydraulic subsystems and components with other domains in a single environment for system-level modeling
  • Choose from over 150 components for modeling pumps, motors, cylinders, restrictions, valves, hydraulic lines, lumped volumes, and sensors
  • Incorporate compressible oils and cavitation effects into your models
  • Select from a set of predefined standard hydraulics oils or define your own
  • Easily reuse, customize, and extend components to suit your specific needs
  • Generate highly efficient,  royalty-free simulation code
  • Control the level of model detail according to your needs, with base components suitable for real-time and hardware-in-the-loop simulations and advanced components that take into account more physical factors and give you an extremely precise view of system behavior
  • Access underlying system equations for advanced analysis, parameter optimization, and visualization in Maple
  • Get started quickly with sample models that can be modified to form a starting point for your own designs
  • Rely on industry-tested components from Modelon, a leading provider of Modelica libraries

MapleSim Examples Featuring Hydraulics

The following models, available for download in the MapleSim Model Gallery, use components included in the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon.


Reduce Grading Budget

The MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon contains over 150 components for advanced hydraulics modeling, including:

  • Cylinders: single and double acting, plunger, differential
  • Directional control valves: with and without spool dynamics
  • Lines: long, flexible, rigid
  • Pumps: ideal, lossy, motor
  • Restrictions: simple, laminar, laminar/turbulent, with or without cavitation
  • Sensors: pressure, volumetric flow
  • Volumes: piston-gas, spring-accumulator, chamber
  • Fluids: oil with or without dissolved gas

  • For more details on what this library has to offer and how it works, see the MapleSim Hydraulics Library from Modelon tutorial.