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Overview of the MapleSim Battery Library

The MapleSim Battery Library allows you to incorporate physics-based predictive models of battery cells into your multidomain system-level models.

  • Save time and avoid problems by taking battery behavior into account early in your design process.
  • Understand the loading effect on the battery as it undergoes many different duty cycles and how the battery will behave as part of the greater system.
  • Gain a better understanding of the heat flow in the battery, how rising temperature and age affects efficiency, and what critical factors could cause thermal runaway.
  • Adjust your designs to optimize performance and reduce the risk of undesirable effects.
MapleSim Battery Library

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The MapleSim Battery Library can be used in any modeling project that involves batteries, including consumer electronics, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, power electronics, energy generation and storage, and more. Typical projects include:

Battery-related MapleSim Models

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