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Using the RERUN PANEL for Efficient Design Exploration

MapleSim has always been efficient for creating models of products and machines. The new Rerun panel has been designed to make it simpler and faster to perform multiple design iterations, and quickly converge on the optimal combination of parameter values and operating conditions.

Here's how it helps:

  • Saves Time: The Rerun feature automatically skips formulation steps between simulation runs when the model structure remains unchanged, allowing runs to be performed in rapid succession.
  • Easy to Adjust Values Between Runs: The Rerun Panel lets you quickly modify parameter values, initial conditions, and simulation settings on one place.
  • Simplifies the Comparison of Results: The Rerun simulation results can be viewed alongside previous versions, so you can keep track of different simulation iterations and see the impact your changes have made on the design.

Using the Rerun panel as part of your product development steps lets you make more informed and optimized design decisions based on a deeper understanding of the design parameters. Designed with engineers in mind, it offers an intuitive interface to enhance your simulation workflow and encourage the use of simulation across more applications.

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