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Point-and-Click Problem Solving

All the math power in the world won't help you if you can't get at it. Maplesoft pioneered a Clickable Math approach to mathematical problem solving and investigations, and every Maple release continues to make it even easier to access the power of Maple without worrying about commands or syntax.

Maple 2018: Intelligent Context Panel

The intelligent Context Panel brings together and enhances some of Maple's most powerful Clickable Math tools. The Context Panel offers point-and-click access to a wide variety of mathematical operations as well as other Maple tools, and provides a highly discoverable way of exploring Maple's functionality.

When you click on a mathematical expression, Maple analyzes your expression and then presents you with a list of the most relevant operations and tools in the context panel. Options could include solving for x, plotting your expression, finding a determinant, converting from one unit to another, applying a Fourier transform, integrating with respect to t, changing the numeric formatting in your result, calculating the average of your data, and much more, all depending on what makes sense. Simply selecting one of these options performs the operation. In addition, you can also use the context panel to customize the appearance of plots, change the properties of tables, and more. No knowledge of Maple syntax or Maple commands is required.

Maple 2018: Intelligent Context Panel

Maple 2017: Interactive Plot Builder

The Plot Builder in Maple 2017 was redesigned to make it even easier to create and customize a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots, simply and without knowing a single plot command. The plot appears directly in your document and is updated immediately every time you make a change to the plot options, with no preview window required. You can switch seamlessly between the plot builder and the rest of your document.

The Plot Builder has been incorporated into the Context Panel in Maple 2018.

Maple 2017: Interactive Plot Builder

Maple 2016: More Clickable Operations

Expanded Clickable Math support added to Maple 2016 lets you perform new operations at the click of a button, from writing fractions as repeating decimals, to computing cross products and dot products in multivariate calculus, to converting Maple code to the Julia programming language