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Comprehensive Mathematics

Maple contains comprehensive, in-depth coverage of a vast range of mathematical topics.

  • Over 5000 mathematical functions providing numeric and symbolic solutions
  • Virtually every area of mathematics covered, including: calculus, integral and discrete transforms, linear algebra, statistics, signal processing, graph theory, differential geometry, linear programming, combinatorics, optimization, physics, and more
  • The world’s most advanced solvers for ODEs, PDEs, and high-index DAEs
  • Highly efficient numeric solvers, supporting unlimited precision calculations
  • Leading-edge symbolic algorithms for equation derivation, simplification, and exact, analytic solutions

See the online help system for the full list of built-in packages and commands.

Demo Video: Extensive Collection of Built-in Mathematical Algorithms

Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, or produce sophisticated high fidelity simulation models, Maple provides the mathematical breadth and depth to handle all your analytical needs. In this brief demonstration, you will see a sample of Maple’s mathematical abilities, with examples taken from a variety of fields.

Watch the video
Working with Data Sets in Maple

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