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How Maple Compares to Mathematica®

Choosing between Maple and Mathematica®? On the surface, they appear to be very similar products. However, in the information that follows, you'll see numerous technical comparisons that show that Maple is much easier to use, has superior symbolic technology, and gives you better performance.

Perhaps just as importantly, Maplesoft has a philosophy of openness and community which permeates everything we do. This openness manifests itself in many ways, such as development that combines the efforts of both talented company employees and experts in research labs around the world, an adherence to international standards, connectivity to other software tools, and the visibility of the vast majority of Maple's source code.

The points below give a quick overview of some of the reasons to choose Maple over Mathematica. For a much more comprehensive review, please see the full report: How Maple Compares to Mathematica.

Maple vs. Mathematica: Why Choose Maple?


For a more in-depth explanation of these points and others, read the full report: How Maple Compares to Mathematica.