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Maple Learn is your one-stop destination for all your math learning needs! Maple Learn is an online math tool for learning and teaching math that puts all the visualization, solving tools, and interactivity you want at your fingertips, while also giving you the flexibility to work through steps like you would on paper.

  • Solve problems like you would on paper, only better! You can work through a problem step by step, just like you would on paper. But you can also ask Maple Learn to perform tedious intermediate steps for you, see a graph to get a better sense of the problem, do a quick side calculation to double-check an individual step, and verify the final result.
  • Check all your answers. Maple Learn can solve equations, find integrals, invert matrices, factor polynomials, find derivatives, solve differential equations, simply expressions, calculate integrals, and much, much more.
  • Graph stuff. Really easily. Graph your expressions instantly, and then watch the graph change as you move a slider or change the expression, so you can get a better sense of the problem, solution, or concept you are working on.
  • Share your math, not your illegible handwriting. If you need to show someone your work, simply send them a link to your Maple Learn document.