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Maple Learn is a tool for exploring concepts, solving problems, and creating rich, online math content.
Teaching, learning, and doing math online just got easier!
Watch this video for a brief introduction to Maple Learn, an interactive online environment for exploring mathematical concepts, solving problems, and creating and sharing rich, interactive content.

Maple Learn is…
… an open canvas that understands math
A lot of math teaching and learning is done dynamically, as you introduce ideas, answer questions, explore what-if scenarios, and walk students through solutions.  Instead of forcing you to switch back and forth from a graphing calculator tool to your regular teaching environment, the Maple Learn canvas gives you a single environment environment where you can:
  • Solve a problem at a click of a button, to get the final answer, verify a result, or perform tedious intermediates steps
  • Graph an expression, both 2-D and 3-D plots, and zoom in to explore details
  • Pose problems, derive full solutions, write conclusions, perform side calculations, add supporting text, and move items around the canvas
  • Control parameters through sliders, and watch results and graphs change instantly
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… a powerful math tool

Maple Learn has the Maple math engine behind it, which means it has the mathematical smarts to handle all the math used in math and other courses from high school, two year and technical colleges, and early university. You can use Maple Learn to:

  • Calculate formulas
  • Solve equations
  • Find integrals
  • Calculate derivatives
  • Invert matrices
  • Multiply vectors and matrices
  • Row reduce matrices
  • Graph expressions
  • Factor polynomials
  • Simply expressions
  • Solve differential equations
  • Find medians and means
  • Visualize 3-D expressions
  • and more!
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… an environment that brings static content to life
Maple Learn brings learning to life, with content that combines:
  • The rich presentation of textbook content, combining text, math, graphs, and images
  • The guided explorations of interactive learning objects that deepen conceptual understanding
  • The open-endedness of a notebook where students try things for themselves

In Maple Learn, you can provide your students with lessons, explorations, examples, worked solutions, practise quizzes, homework, and more.

Whether you want to create your own content, or customize some of the thousands of documents already available covering topics in dozens of subjects, Maple Learn is the easiest way to create rich, interactive math-based content and share it with your class online.

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Five Reasons to Choose Maple Learn
Intuitive environment for concept exploration and problem solving.
Maple Learn combines the ease and flexibility of working on paper with the computational power of a world-leading math engine, so you can incorporate explanations, quick computations, full derivations, side calculations, graphs, images, sliders, and more in a single document.
Easiest way to create and share interactive, mathematics-based content.
Whether you want to customize some of more than one thousand examples already available or start from scratch, Maple Learn is the easiest way to create rich, interactive content tailored to your teaching, and share that content with your students.
Supports many aspects of your teaching.
Maple Learn is a single environment that supports and enables problem solving, interactive lessons, engaging examples that would be too time consuming to work out by hand, concept explorations, spur of the moment what-if explorations, homework assignments, endless practice problems, making connections, communicating mathematical reasoning, and more.
Easy to use.
Maple Learn is designed so students can focus on learning, not on using the tool. The intuitive environment feels a lot like working on paper – no commands required! – and there are many training resources available to guide your students through common tasks if they want them.
Grows with your students.
By introducing your students to Maple Learn now, you are giving them experience with a tool that will support them in all their math studies up to and including first year courses at university, as well as in courses like economics and physics that use math. And if they do need more mathematical power, they can easily transition to Maple when they are ready.

A limited trial version of Maple Learn is available for you to explore.
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Is Maple Learn right for you?

Maple Learn is a versatile math tool that handles math from high school to early university. It is especially suited for teaching and learning:

  • Math courses in high school and in two year and technical colleges
  • Math courses for non-math majors at university
  • Other courses that make frequent use of graphs and calculations, such as economics, business/finance, and physics.

Not what you are doing? Check out the other products in the Maple Math Suite to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Get Maple Learn for Your Class

Maple Learn Classroom is affordable, flexible, and tailored to the needs of your school. It includes:

  • Access to Maple Learn for yourself and your students
  • Access to thousands of ready-made, customizable examples and applications
  • Live one-on-one training with an expert
  • Custom-built content designed specifically for your class, created by our content developers

Not an instructor?
Parents, tutors, and individual students can access all the great benefits of Maple Learn through an individual monthly subscription.