Maple Conference 2023 - Art Gallery - Maplesoft

The call for submissions is now closed.

As part of the 2023 Maple Conference, we are soliciting creative works for virtual exhibitions of mathematical art, ranging from computer graphics and animations, to needlework, geometrical sculptures, or almost anything!

Maple Art Gallery and Creative Works Showcase

This year, the exhibits will be divided into two collections:

  • The Art Gallery - A small gallery to highlight high effort, mathematically interesting works (with criteria outlined below)
  • The Creative Works Showcase - A larger showcase for interesting visual works created with Maplesoft products like Maple Learn and Maple

There is no limit on the number of submissions per artist (within reason), but please consider combining similar/related works into a single submission whenever it makes sense to do so.

Images of artworks accepted for the exhibition will be on display as part of the 2023 Maple Conference, in the virtual event space. This art exhibition will be curated by the Maple Conference organizers.

A wooden sculpture by Paul DeMarco demonstrating stereographic projection. Winner of the People’s Choice prize at the 2021 Maple Conference
A visualization of all the primitive roots of 10037 created by Simon Plouffe, winner of the Judge’s Choice prize at the 2022 Maple Conference
A detail of a cross stitch piece “Hadamard 160 in Cool Tones” by Bridjet Lee and Curtis Bright, winner of the Judge’s Choice prize at the 2021 Maple Conference

Submission Content Criteria

All submissions for The Art Gallery or The Creative Works Showcase must meet the following two criteria:

  • Maple related - The work should be of interest to the Maple user community; e.g. key ideas in the design of the work were studied using calculation in Maple, or the work was created directly in Maple or Maple Learn
  • Aesthetic appeal - This is subjective, but we would encourage that visualization programs or charts/graphs of a more technical nature be submitted as technical works for future conferences instead

Additionally, to be accepted for The Art Gallery submissions should meet the additional requirements:

  • Mathematical Content - The work should relate to some mathematical theme and, ideally, be part of an interesting mathematical story
  • Medium and Effort - We are especially interested to see works in a variety of media and works that required a lot of skill or effort to execute.

Feel free to contact us if you are in doubt that your work satisfies any of the above criteria.


The primary intent of this exhibit is to showcase the creativity of the Maple community and foster exchanges between artists and the other conference attendees. During the conference, we will be holding an event to feature the artwork, and artists will have an opportunity to interact with other conference attendees interested in their work.

We encourage all artists to attend the Maple Conference, especially the gallery event.

There will be prizes awarded to recognize notable artwork.

Note that you must register for the conference to gain access to the Art Gallery and interact with attendees. Registration is free.

Rose created by Valerie McKay-Crites in Maple Learn
Mona Lisa in Maple Learn created by Paul DeMarco, the winner of the People’s Choice for the Maple Learn Showcase at the 2022 Maple Conference
Maplesoft Pointillism created by Alex Beilby in Maple Learn

Submission Requirements

Submission will be made by email to

The email submission should should include:

  • The title of the work.
  • The artist’s name, and title/affiliation if desired.
  • An indication of whether the work is intended for the Showcase or the Gallery.
  • A single attached Maple or PDF document under 25MB in size or a link to a Maple Learn document. This document should include an image or video of the artwork.
  • Optionally, links to external material related to the creation of the artwork, such as higher-quality or alternative views of the artwork, videos describing the creation of the art, or Maple worksheets. The latter can be stored on the Maple Cloud.

In addition, Art Gallery submissions should include, in the attached document:

  • A description of the work and how it was created, as well as some discussion of its relevance to the Maple community.
  • (optionally) Links to external material related to the creation of the artwork, such as higher-quality or alternative views of the artwork, videos describing the creation of the art, or Maple and Maple Learn Documents.

After acceptance, you’ll be contacted about higher quality or alternate images to be used for the final gallery.

You do not need to follow a rigid template, but here’s a sample submission and here are the works featured in the 2021 and the 2022 gallery.

Important: By submitting this artwork, you are giving Maplesoft permission to display your work inside the conference venue, on the Maplesoft website, through social media, etc. for the purposes of promoting the art gallery, and the current and future conferences.


The deadline for submission is Thursday, September 14th Friday, September 22nd, and notification of acceptance will be sent by September 26th.

A still from an animation of a rotating hypercube by Avek Dongol. Winner of a special prize recognizing a student contribution at the 2021 Maple Conference
A visualization of gravitational lensing in Maple created by Thomas Schram
"Mother’s Day Rose" created with Maple plots by Greg Wheaton, winner of the People’s Choice prize at the 2022 Maple Conference


Questions about the submission process or the exhibit can be sent to