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Maplesoft Makes Model Based Systems Engineering Accessible to More Engineers with New MapleMBSE

New product helps engineers create, maintain, validate requirements efficiently, with fewer errors

Waterloo, Canada; June 20, 2017: Maplesoft™ today announced the release of MapleMBSE, a new product that enables companies to employ a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to requirements management without requiring every engineer on the project to be an expert in complex MBSE tools. Using an Excel®-based interface, MapleMBSE makes collaboration on requirements accessible to all stakeholders, not just the MBSE tool experts, and provides streamlined interfaces for each task in the MBSE project. This ensures system-wide collaboration on the project, while reducing the time and errors that typically come with using a standard MBSE tool.

The new MapleMBSE advantages include:

  • Intuitive, Excel®-based interface for easily entering system definitions without having to go through a complex MBSE tool
  • Automatic population of information into the MBSE tool, translating the engineer's inputs into system structures, behaviors, requirements, and constraints
  • Integration with standard SysML-based MBSE platforms such as IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® or No Magic™ MagicDraw®
  • Rapid impact analysis of design changes to test for conflicting requirements, all from within the intuitive MapleMBSE environment
  • Optimized tool views for common MBSE tasks, such as requirements, failure mode and effects analysis, trade-off studies, and structure analysis
  • Simple interfaces designed to reduce many common errors that occur when using MBSE tools directly
  • Customized implementations provided by Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts to ensure that MapleMBSE is tailored to the organization's exact MBSE process

MapleMBSE ensures system-wide project collaboration and reduces the time and errors associated with standard MBSE tools.

"There is no doubt MapleMBSE saves valuable time," said Masaaki Kubo, General Manager of Nissan Motor Company. "When we compared MapleMBSE with another MBSE tool and measured the time it took to perform common operations, we found MapleMBSE allowed our engineers to complete these tasks four times faster than with the other tool.  MapleMBSE has a friendly and effective user interface which enabled Nissan engineers from many different disciplines, including mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineers, to quickly learn the tool and perform tasks very easily."

"MBSE tools offer organizations tremendous value in how they keep a tight connection to requirements in every phase of the project; however, they are notoriously difficult to use," says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientist at Maplesoft. "Research published during the development of MapleMBSE shows that the use of MapleMBSE resulted in a four-fold reduction in errors compared to a standard MBSE tool, and the elimination of complex, difficult-to-correct errors. It's a practical tool with a quick ramp-up time that makes system engineering easier."
For more information about MapleMBSE, visit here.

About Maplesoft
Maplesoft provides engineers with the tools and expertise they need to enable a model-driven innovation process that helps manage design complexity. Offering experts in a variety of engineering fields, extensive experience in model-based design, and the superior system-level modeling and analysis tools MapleSim and Maple, Maplesoft helps companies reduce development risk and bring high-quality products to market faster.  Through Maple, Maplesoft also provides a complete concept-to-deployment environment for advanced analysis and rapid development of technical applications and engineering calculation tools. Maplesoft products and services are used in machine design, robotics, aerospace, automotive, and many other fields where engineers face complex challenges. Customers include Boeing, FLSmidth, Ford, Google, Intel, NASA, and Samsung.

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