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Binary Distillation with the McCabe-Thiele Method

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Binary Distillation with the  

McCabe-Thiele Method 


Samir Khan 

Adept Scientific plc 


Binary fractional distillation is a method of separating two liquid components via a distillation column (which contains a number of trays, or stages).  It's a concept encountered by virtually every Chemical & Process Engineering student.  This application calculates the required number of theoretical stages for a set of specified operating parameters via the McCabe-Thiele method.  It plots the classic McCabe-Thiele diagram and evaluates the minimum and actual reflux ratio, and the thermodynamic state of the feed.   


This application also highlights several Maple concepts. 

  • The ability to instantly observe the effect of changes in operating parameters.

  • Text boxes for the input of operating parameters

  • Maple's programming language to calculate the number of theoretical stages required for the distillation process and error-checking of unrealistic operating parameters (i.e. try making the fraction of light component in the feed greater than than in the distillate)

  • The precise control over the appearance of a plot for presenting engineering information.

  • The use of document blocks for suppressing the display of code, allowing students to concentrate on the engineering fundamentals.


Note: Execute the entire worksheet (with !!!) once before changing any parameters. 

Operating Parameters 

Mole Fraction of Light Component in Feed 

Embedded component 

Mole Fraction of Light Component in Distillate 

Embedded component 

Mole Fraction of Light Component in Bottoms 

Embedded component 

Reflux Ratio as a Multiple of Minimum Reflux Ratio 

Embedded component 

Thermodynamic State of Feed (q-value) 

Embedded component 

Relative Volatility of Binary Feed 

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Draw McCabe-Thiele Plot 


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