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Eduserv CHEST Program

Eduserv Chest negotiates preferential software and online information licence terms for universities, colleges, libraries and associated education institutions and charities. Since 1988, Chest has gained a reputation for understanding the needs of these communities, and as a result, has worked with suppliers to generate total savings in excess of £1 billion against list prices. Chest maintains more than 150 agreements with respected suppliers of popular, best-value software and data products.

Chest agreements are formal contracts between Chest and suppliers of IT products. These agreements are for three to five years and the majority are site licences, where the staff and students of an institution may use the product covered at no extra charge beyond the single, fixed annual fee.

Chest is a service of Eduserv, an information technology company that since 1988 has delivered solutions to more than 1,000 public sector organisations.

As a registered not-for-profit company, the contributions generated from Eduserv's business activities provide funding to the Eduserv Foundation, which offers grants to support the effective application of IT in education.

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