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Hollywood Math

Language: English
Duration: 45 Minutes

Hollywood Math

Over its storied and intriguing history, Hollywood has entertained us with many mathematical moments in film. John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind,” the brilliant janitor in “Good Will Hunting,” the number theory genius in “Pi,” and even Abbott and Costello are just a few of the Hollywood “mathematicians” that come to mind.

Although the widespread presentation of mathematics on the silver screen is not always entirely accurate, it does serve as a great introduction to the study of mathematics in general. The recent television series “Numb3rs” is a perfect example of how math becomes exciting when demonstrated in a unique and intriguing context. Math is turning up with increasing frequency in today’s movies and television programs, and as a result, interest in the study of mathematics is increasing. We’ve seen a similar phenomenon with shows like CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York, as more and more people who watched the shows began registering for science-related courses. By placing a particular subject like mathematics or science in a new light, you can increase your students’ appreciation of the topic, and of course, with an increase in appreciation comes a corresponding increase in comprehension!

During this webinar we will present a number of examples of mathematics in film, including those done capably, as well as questionable and downright “creative” treatments. See relevant, exciting examples that you can use to engage your students, or attend this webinar simply for its entertainment value. Have you ever wondered if the bus could really have jumped the gap in “Speed?” We’ve got the answer! Anyone with an interest in mathematics, especially high school and early college math educators, will be both entertained and informed by attending this webinar. At the end of the webinar you’ll be given an opportunity to download an application containing all of the Hollywood examples that we demonstrate.

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