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Engineering Solutions for Model Predictive Control

Develop high-fidelity models suitable for
model predictive control

Model predictive control is an advanced technique used to represent the behavior of complex systems. However, this very complexity is what makes it challenging to create a model of the system that is of sufficient fidelity to accurately reflect the behavior but still efficient enough to run within stringent time and size constraints of the controller code. The symbolic model formulation and optimized code generation techniques available from Maplesoft Engineering Solutions guarantee you the fastest possible execution time for your model. When that isn’t fast enough, our team offers extensive experience in rigorous model reduction and simplification techniques that maximize fidelity while staying within the constraints of the controller.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions support:

  • Lossless model simplification
  • Lossless order reduction of DAEs
  • Model reduction specifically for model predictive control applications
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