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Maplesoft has expertise in system-level modeling and simulation, covering a wide range of applications and industries. We specialize in the modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex multidomain systems such as ground transportation, automotive transmissions, space systems, marine plant, batteries, electric powertrain, and much more.

Professional Services Offered

Most of our work is done with our Modelica-based modeling tool, MapleSim, but we offer expertise in developing solutions for other tools. Through our advanced automatic code-generation technologies, we can also help you deploy these models to the rest of your toolchain, including in-house tools, MATLAB® and Simulink®, optimization tools, cosimulation platforms, and real-time systems for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

Using our skills and experience to help you implement a system-level simulation project ensures smooth implementation of your modeling strategies, increased knowledge and confidence of your engineering staff, reduced risk of project slip or failure, and maximized return on your investment.

Model Development Model development and simulation services
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Utilize the deep knowledge of our modeling team to fill gaps in your own resources when developing system-level models or detailed component libraries, as well as when validating models. The results of this work can be integrated with the rest of your toolchain and design process through automatic code generation, data file transfer, or cosimulation. Many of these tasks require specialized skills and effort to implement, and our team has extensive experience in completing such integration within time and cost budgets.

  • Model development
  • Integration with your existing tool chain and processes
  • Model validation
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analysis Analysis service and tool development
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Modeling your system enables you to make design decisions very early in the process. Parametric studies to perform “what if” analysis, Monte-Carlo or sensitivity studies, frequency domain - or any other domain- analyses need to be performed on the system to optimize the overall system performance. Our team helps you leverage the analytical power of Maple to develop customized analytical tools that suit your immediate needs, in an environment that is fully open to modifications as your needs change.

  • Design calculations
  • Design parameter optimization
  • Data-fitting and parameter matching
  • Deployment solutions
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real-time Real-time plant-model code generation
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Whether you are working on hardware-, software- or operator-in-the-loop applications, it is critical that your system models run on a real-time platform within the simulation time-step. The symbolic model formulation and optimized code-generation in MapleSim guarantees you the fastest possible execution time for your model. However, with large systems, even the fastest possible time may not be fast enough.  When that happens, our team has extensive experience in rigorous model-reduction techniques and code optimization that maximize fidelity within the constraints of working on a real-time platform.

  • Lossless model simplification
  • Code optimization
  • Model reduction with maximal fidelity
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training Training
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There is no substitute for your engineers spending time with a seasoned expert in the use of any software tool to maximize productivity, competence, and confidence in the tool. We provide standard 3-day courses for MapleSim, Maple, and Modelica that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

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