Multibody Technology – MapleSim Features – Technical Computing, Physical Modeling, Multibody Dynamics
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In MapleSim, revolutionary multibody technology is combined seamlessly with advanced multi-domain modeling tools to provide all the functionality you need in a single environment. This unique technology means MapleSim gives you unparalleled flexibility and control of your multibody models.

  • State-of-the-art algorithms for multibody system formulation, based on linear graph theory, automatically generate optimized model equations for your system.
  • Flexible coordinate selection allows you to control the number and nature of governing equations.
  • You can view and manipulate these equations to obtain analytical solutions to inverse kinematic and inverse dynamic problems.
  • By controlling the coordinates, MapleSim reduces the number and complexity of the resulting equations, significantly improving the computational efficiency.
  • Symbolic representations of elements such as mass matrices, constraint Jacobians, and frame motions provide you with the building blocks for any advanced multibody analysis.
  • MapleSim helps meet the challenges inherent in modeling a 3-D physical system within a 2-D workspace by providing an interactive 3-D model construction environment. This environment can be used in conjunction with the block diagram environment, allowing you to leverage the benefits of both approaches when building your models. After your model is constructed, the MapleSim simulation engine automatically animates the model in 3-D, enabling you to visualize its behavior.
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Automatic 3-D animation and visualization
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Interactive 3-D model construction

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