In Maple, you can embed interactive components in your document. Using elements such as sliders, buttons, dials, and gauges, your document becomes both a technical report and an easy-to-use application.


  • Available components include buttons, sliders, plots, check boxes, list boxes, toggle buttons, radio buttons, data tables, dials, and gauges
  • Includes mathematical expression boxes for entering and displaying 2-D math
  • Easily add components to your document using the Components palette
  • Control the appearance of components, such as images on buttons, orientation of sliders, and tickmark spacing on gauges
  • Embedded components are live when viewed through Maple’s slide-show mode and MapleNet™

Watch a Demonstration
Many of the Maple demonstration movies illustrate the use of interactive assistants. Here are some of them:

View a Recorded Webinar
A Guide to Coding Embedded Components

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