Easy access to the MapleCloud gives you a revolutionary way to share work with colleagues and students. Maple provides a single integrated environment for creating, distributing, and receiving technical documents through the MapleCloud Document Exchange. Access to the MapleCloud is seamlessly integrated into the Maple environment. You can easily and instantly share your work among a group of colleagues, with your class, or with Maple users worldwide, without the need for separate tools or cumbersome uploading and downloading.

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  • Shared documents are available instantly when you start Maple.
  • In the Popular tab of the MapleCloud, you can browse the most popular shared documents.
  • You can "like" documents in the MapleCloud, which are then are conveniently bookmarked in the Favorites tab.
  • New documents can be shared with a click of a button.
  • Content can be made available to all Maple users or only to members of a particular group.
  • Anyone can join, create, and manage groups within the Maple environment.
  • When creating a group, you can control the visibility of the group, group membership, and the visibility of shared documents. For instance, an instructor can create a private group for students in a particular course, and set the permissions so that the instructor’s submissions can be seen by the entire class, but student submissions can be seen only by the instructor.
  • Each Maple user has access to private space on the MapleCloud server. This space can be used to store Maple documents in a central location, so that they are immediately accessible to the owner from any computer with Maple installed.
  • Document descriptions can be translated on demand using Google™ Translate.
  • The search facility in the MapleCloud performs a full-text search on all the documents available to you, making it easy to find items of interest.
  • Security settings can be adjusted separately for MapleCloud content
  • Entire documents or selections can be shared.
  • Documents are automatically compressed for fast uploading and downloading.

Use the MapleCloud to share interactive apps with everyone, even if they don’t have Maple!

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