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Overview of the MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library

The MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library allows you to easily create winch and pulley systems as part of your machine development. Using this add-on library to MapleSim, you can model the dynamics of rope and pulley systems, and view enhanced 3-D visualizations of your system’s performance. Use the Ropes and Pulleys Library to add fidelity to your machine models with ropes, chains, cables, pulleys, and more.

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  • Create both 2-D and 3-D pulley systems using components such as fixed and floating pulleys, winches, ropes, chains, and cables.
  • Incorporate realistic behaviors of ropes and pulley systems, including pulley slippage, chain masses, cable bending, and wind loading.
  • Explore systems with 3-D visualizations that show material flow and system tension using force arrows and color mapping.

The MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library contains a variety of components that can be customized to suit your specific model. Features include:

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