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Here are some of the many features in Maple Learn that make it a great environment for teaching and learning math or courses that involve math.

Screenshots of the Maple Learn Interface
No commands required
Write math like you would on paper, and use the mouse to perform operations.
Lots of math
Maple Learn can solve equations, calculate integrals, invert matrices, solve differential equations, find medians and means, factor polynomials, and more.
Lots of graphs
Plot 2-D and 3-D expressions, create polar plots, and visualize geometrical objects like lines, polygons, and spheres, and zoom and pan to explore areas of interest.
Graphs appear automatically
When you enter or click on an expression, its graph appears immediately. To plot another curve, just add it to the same group.
Automatic parameter controls
When you assign a value to a variable, a slider to control the value of that parameter appears automatically. Moving the slider updates all results and graphs in the document automatically.
Put content where you want it
The entire canvas is your workspace, so you can place content wherever you want on the page, and drag it to a new location if you change your mind.
Control the level of detail in calculations
You can go straight to the answer, ask Maple Learn to perform intermediate steps, or do the entire derivation manually.
Share documents easily
You can share documents with anyone just by sending them a link.
Lots and lots of examples
The Maple Learn Gallery has over one thousand documents from dozens of subjects that you can use and modify.
Maple Learn is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
Perfect for Chromebooks
There is no software to install, so you can take advantage of all that Maple Learn has to offer from your Google Chromebook.
Enter math with your phone’s camera
You can take a picture of your math using the free Maple Calculator app, and it automatically gets sent to Maple Learn.

We are constantly making updates to Maple Learn. Read about recent improvements.