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Proving Trigonometric Identities

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Converting a trig expression from one form to another is a skill that is frequently relied upon by mathematicians, physicists, and engineers to simplify a problem.

One way to master this skill is to prove that two trig expressions are equivalent. You do this by manipulating one side of the equation to match the other side of the equation.

While practice is the best way to develop an intuition for approaching these problems, the following cheat sheet will help you recall the most common trig identities.

Maple Learn is a free tool that you can use to prove trig identities and practice countless other mathematical concepts.

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In this video: we will use the Maple Learn to prove the following trig identities:
tan⁡(x) sin⁡(x)+cos⁡(x)=sec⁡(x), and, sin4(x)- cos4 (x)=2 sin2 (x)-1

Trig Identity examples in Maple Learn

Access the cheat sheet and the step-by-step solutions for the trig identity proofs shown in the video:

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For Students

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For Instructors

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