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Introducing Maple Flow: A Freeform Whiteboard for Design Calculations

Maple Flow is an all-new tool that allows engineers to easily brainstorm, develop, and document their design calculations. Specifically targeted at the simple to mid-range math that make up the majority of engineering analysis, Maple Flow gives users a scratchpad-style environment that automatically keeps calculations live as they refine, reposition, and develop their work.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Maple Flow can help you get to work sooner on your technical projects, while offering all the flexibility you need to see calculations through to the end. See how Maple Flow provides you with these key features for easily working on calculations:

  • Mathematically Live Whiteboard - Place math, text, plots, and images anywhere on your workspace. Easily move elements into position or reorganize them.
  • Automatic Recalculation - Any changes you make to math are automatically cascade throughout the entire document, so results are always up to date.
  • Attractive, Engaging Documents - Maple Flow gives you a clean, uncluttered workspace that allows you to communicate your ideas clearly.
  • Based on the Maple Programming Language - You can use nearly all of Maple’s packages, including a full-featured units system.