The Mathematics Surivival Kit - Maple Edition - Testimonials


The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition embodies interactivity and learner-centered practice. The learning framework let me make mistakes and gave cumulative help, and encouraged me to keep trying things on my own after seeing examples. If I wanted to make sure I understood something, a new question could be generated automatically so that the “workbook” wasn’t all used up after the first try. I think this is a crowning achievement for its tone, learning framework, and flexibility.

- Trevor Holmes, Educational Development Associate, Teaching Support Services University of Guelph

The electronic version takes the student into an educational journey that would have been impossible with a 231 page book. Almost every function or equation has a graph associated with it, which helped me see it visually and made me think more.

-Utkarsh Dang, Undergraduate Student

All anybody has to do is spend ten minutes with the Math Survival Kit e-book. Ten minutes. It will prove to you its usefulness. It covers such a wide variety of problems, tackling each in a creative and interesting way, that students in high school and university alike will surely find it to be a huge help.

- M. Demers, Graduate student

Logs cause headaches. I have to admit it. Students find logs hard. Why? I think in part it's because of the word "log". It seems to have no connection with what it represents in math. Then again, students seem to find exponents easy. So when you see "log", think, even read, say out loud, "FIND THE EXPONENT!

- From The Mathematics Survival Kit, copyright 2004, with permission of Thomson Nelson, a division of The Thomson Corporation.