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Maple Transactions is an open-access journal that publishes expositions on topics of interest to the Maple community.  The journal is intended for a broad audience of researchers, educators, students, and anyone else with an interest in Maple, and includes both peer-reviewed research articles and general interest content. And it’s free! The journal is free to read, and free to publish in.

The journal is supported by Maplesoft, by Western Libraries (Western University, Ontario, Canada), and volunteers from the community. While Maplesoft provides financial support, Maple Transactions is an independent publication, and all publication decisions lie with the editors.

In Maple Transactions, you will find:

  • Scholarly, peer-reviewed expositions of computer-assisted research in mathematics, applications, and education
  • Problems, puzzles, and challenges
  • Interviews with prominent researchers and educators
  • A Student Corner highlighting notable student projects from around the world
  • Computational art
  • Maple programming tips
  • And more!
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On the Maple Transactions web site, you will find current and past issues, submission guidelines, and more information about the journal’s policies and editorial team.
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About the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Robert M. Corless Picture

Dr. Robert M. Corless (Western University, Maplesoft, and the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada) is a long-time Maple enthusiast with research interests in computational dynamical systems, computational algebra, and computational special functions. He is also intensely interested in the influence and utility of technology in teaching. Among his many Maple-related activities and interested, Dr. Corless was  twice the co-chair of the Maple Conference. He is currently obsessed with the mathematical properties and stunning visualizations of Bohemian matrices

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