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Avoiding Scurvy on a Budget
Differential Equation Solver
Local Volatility and Implied Volatility
Tips and Techniques: Working with Finitely Presented Groups in Maple
State-Feedback and Observer-Based Control Design
Designing a PID Controller
Vehicle Ride and Handling Tool

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Maple Tips & Techniques

These applications highlight interesting and valuable functionality that will help you get the most out of Maple.

Classroom Tips and Techniques: The Partial Fraction Decomposition
Eigenpairs: What are they and how they are found
Classroom Tips and Techniques: Eigenvalue Problems for ODEs
Classroom Tips and Techniques: Green's Functions for Second-Order ODEs

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Generating Parametric Curves from 2-D Data using Discrete Fourier Transforms
Graph Theory and Pokémon
Robot Arm Writing "Maplesoft" in Handwritten Cursive Script
Game of Thrones and Graph Theory